4 Biggest Mistakes Stopping You From Profiting From Your Creativity

Number 3 is Costing You Millions!

Who Is this Training For?

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  • Dormant Creatives: you have ideas, gifts and skills that are dormant due to not knowing what to do with them or how to do them. So you’re frustrated… you know you’re taking your ideas, skills and gifts to the grave and have no idea how to make a u-turn!

  • Suppressed Creatives: you have ideas, and skills, you know what to do with them, but due to your environment, restrictions, policies, superstition, religious beliefs or ignorance, you suppressed those creative ideas and thoughts just to fit in.

  • Lost Creatives: you used to be full of ideas, gifts and talents but you ran away from yourself and now you have lost touch with your creative side. You can’t remember what it feels like to use your gifts to serve others and add value anymore, you’re lost!

  • Discouraged Creatives: you have creative ideas but lack capital, money, people, family support, community, social media likes/followers, encouragement or resources to pursue it. So you’re discouraged and have given up or about to give in.

  • Unrecognized Creatives: you have creative ideas and skills but you are not known, no one wants to endorse your work, no one appreciates your creativity, no one wants to compensate you for your brilliance. So you’re unknown, you’re creative, but sad and broke!

  • Stagnant Creatives: you have displayed your creativity at a level before but there’s no growth. You’re still the king of the zoo when you should be the king of the jungle. Your life and journey is now so boring and uninteresting because all that’s left is past glory.

  • Fearful Creatives: you are gifted, full of creative ideas but you are too scared and anxious to nurture your creative side. Fear of the unknown has crippled you from taking action, so you are just there, living in your comfort zone!

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